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Publications 2009

  • Varlet-Marie E, Audran M, Ashenden M, Sicart MT, Piquemal D (2009) Modification of gene expression : Help to detect doping with erythropoiesis-stimulating agents. Am J Hematol. 84:755-9
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  • Annicotte JS, Blanchet E, Chavey C, Iankova I, Costes S, Assou S, Teyssier J, Dalle S, Sardet C, Fajas L (2009) The CDK4-pRB-E2F1 pathway controls insulin secretion. Nat Cell Biology 11:1017-23
  • Dimova I, Orsetti B, Negre V, Rouge C, Ursule L, Lasorsa L, Dimitrov R, Doganov N, Toncheva D, Theillet C (2009) Genomic markers for ovarian cancer at chromosomes 1, 8 and 17 revealed by array CGH analysis. Tumori 95:357-66
  • Haouzi D, Assou S, Mahmoud K, Tondeur S, Rème T, Hedon B, De Vos J, Hamamah S (2009) Gene expression profile of human endometrial receptivity : comparison between natural and stimulated cycles for the same patients. Hum Reprod 24:1436-45
  • Haouzi D, Mahmoud K, Fourar M, Bendhaou K, Dechaud H, De Vos J, Reme T, Dewailly D, Hamamah S (2009) Identification of new biomarkers of human endometrial receptivity in the natural cycle Hum Reprod 24:198-205
  • Moore-Morris T, Varrault A, Mangoni ME, Le Digarcher A, Negre V, Dantec C, Journot L, Nargeot J, Couette B (2009) Identification of potential pharmacological targets by analysis of the comprehensive G protein-coupled receptor repertoire in the four cardiac chambers. Mol Pharmacol 75:1108-16.
  • Javerzat S, Franco M, Herbert J, Platonova N, Peille AL, Pantesco V, De Vos J, Assou S, Bicknell R, Bikfalvi A, Hagedorn M (2009) Correlating global gene regulation to angiogenesis in the developing chick extra-embryonic vascular system. PLoS One 4:e7856
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  • Vincent C, Truffinet V, Fiancette R, Petit B, Cogné N, Cogné M, Denizot Y (2009) Uncoupling between Ig somatic hypermutation and oncogene mutation in mouse lymphoma. Biochim Biophys Acta 1793:418-26
  • Moreaux J, Veyrune JL, De Vos J, Klein B (2009) APRIL is overexpressed in cancer : link with tumor progression. BMC Cancer 9:83
  • Philippe N, Boureux A, Bréhélin L, Tarhio J, Commes T, Rivals E (2009) Using reads to annotate the genome : influence of length, background distribution, and sequence errors on prediction capacity. Nucleic Acids Res 37:e104
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  • Bret C, Hose D, Reme T, Sprynski AC, Mahtouk K, Schved JF, Quittet P, Rossi JF, Goldschmidt H, Klein B (2009) Expression of genes encoding for proteins involved in heparan sulphate and chondroitin sulphate chain synthesis and modification in normal and malignant plasma cells. Br J Haematol 145:350-68.
  • Condomines M, Hose D, Reme T, Requirand G, Hundemer M, Schoenhals M, Goldschmidt H, Klein B (2009) Gene Expression Profiling and Real-Time PCR Analyses Identify Novel Potential Cancer-Testis Antigens in Multiple Myeloma. J Immunol 183:832-40.
  • Sprynski AC, Hose D, Caillot L, Reme T, Shaughnessy JD, Barlogie B, Seckinger A, Moreaux J, Hundemer M, Jourdan M, Meissner T, Jauch A, Mahtouk K, Kassambara A, Bertsch U, Rossi JF, Goldschmidt H, Klein B (2009) The role of IGF-1 as a major growth factor for myeloma cell lines and the prognostic relevance of the expression of its receptor. Blood 113:4614-26
  • Hose D, Reme T, Meissner T, Moreaux J, Seckinger A, Lewis J, Benes V, Benner A, Hundemer M, Hielscher T, Shaughnessy JD, Barlogie B, Neben K, Kramer A, Hillengass J, Bertsch U, Jauch A, De Vos J, Rossi JF, Mohler T, Blake J, Zimmermann J, Klein B, Goldschmidt H (2009) Inhibition of aurora kinases for tailored risk-adapted treatment of multiple myeloma. Blood 113:4331-40.
  • Hose D, Moreaux J, Meissner T, Seckinger A, Goldschmidt H, Benner A, Mahtouk K, Hillengass J, Reme T, De Vos J, Hundemer M, Condomines M, Bertsch U, Rossi JF, Jauch A, Klein B, Mohler T (2009) Induction of angiogenesis by normal and malignant plasma cells. Blood 114:128-43

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