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Publications 2007

  • Truffinet V, Pinaud E, Cogné N, Petit B, Guglielmi L, Cogné M, Denizot Y (2007) The 3’ IgH locus control region is sufficient to deregulate a c-myc transgene and promote mature B cell malignancies with a predominant Burkitt-like phenotype. J Immunol 179:6033-42
  • Gabut M, Dejardin J, Tazi J, Soret J (2007) The SR family proteins B52 and dASF/SF2 modulate development of the Drosophila visual system by regulating specific RNA targets. Mol Cell Biol 27:3087-97
  • Duron O, Fort P, Weill M (2007) Influence of aging on cytoplasmic incompatibility, sperm modification and Wolbachia density in Culex pipiens mosquitoes. Heredity 98, 368-374
  • Duron O, Boureux A, Echaubard P, Berthomieu A, Berticat C, Fort P, Weill M. (2007) Variability and expression of ankyrin domain genes in Wolbachia infecting the mosquito Culex pipiens. J Bacteriol 189, 4442-8
  • Ma L, Cantrup R, Varrault A, Colak D, Klenin N, Gotz M, McFarlane S, Journot L, Schuurmans C (2007) Zac1 functions through TGFbetaII to negatively regulate cell number in the developing retina. Neural Develop 2:11
  • Zeitouni B, Sénatore S, Séverac D, Aknin C, Sémériva M, Perrin L (2007) Signalling Pathways Involved in Adult Heart Formation Revealed by Gene Expression Profiling in Drosophila. PLoS Genet 3:e174
  • Moreaux J, Hose D, Jourdan M, Reme T, Hundemer M, Moos M, Robert N, Moine P, De Vos J, Goldschmidt H, Klein B (2007) TACI expression is associated with a mature bone marrow plasma cell signature and C-MAF overexpression in human myeloma cell lines. Haematologica 92:803-11
  • Mahtouk K, Hose D, De Vos J, Moreaux J, Jourdan M, Rossi JF, Rème T, Goldschmidt H, Klein B (2007) Input of DNA microarrays to identify novel mechanisms in multiple myeloma biology and therapeutic applications. Clin Cancer Res 13:7289-95.
  • Jourdan M, Moreaux J, Vos JD, Hose D, Mahtouk K, Abouladze M, Robert N, Baudard M, Rème T, Romanelli A, Goldschmidt H, Rossi JF, Dreano M, Klein B (2007) Targeting NF-kappaB pathway with an IKK2 inhibitor induces inhibition of multiple myeloma cell growth. Br J Haematol 138:160-8
  • Corre J, Mahtouk K, Attal M, Gadelorge M, Huynh A, Fleury-Cappellesso S, Danho C, Laharrague P, Klein B, Rème T, Bourin P (2007) Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells are abnormal in multiple myeloma. Leukemia 21:1079-88.
  • Assou S, Le Carrour T, Tondeur S, Ström S, Gabelle A, Marty S, Nadal L, Pantesco V, Réme T, Hugnot JP, Gasca S, Hovatta O, Hamamah S, Klein B, De Vos J (2007) A meta-analysis of human embryonic stem cells transcriptome integrated into a web-based expression atlas. Stem Cells 25:961-73
  • Chanrion M, Fontaine H, Rodriguez C, Negre V, Bibeau F, Theillet C, Hénaut A, Darbon JM (2007) A new molecular breast cancer subclass defined from a large scale real-time quantitative RT-PCR study. BMC Cancer 7:39
  • Quéré R, Baudet A, Cassinat B, Bertrand G, Marti J, Manchon L, Piquemal D, Chomienne C, Commes T (2007) Pharmacogenomic analysis of Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia cells highlights CYP26 cytochrome metabolism in differential all-trans retinoic acid sensitivity. Blood 109:4450-60
  • Mahtouk K, Hose D, Raynaud P, Hundemer M, Jourdan M, Jourdan E, Pantesco V, Baudard M, De Vos J, Larroque M, Moehler T, Rossi JF, Reme T, Goldschmidt H, Klein B (2007) Heparanase influences expression and shedding of syndecan-1, and its expression by the bone marrow environment is a bad prognostic factor in multiple myeloma. Blood 109:4914-23
  • Rivals E, Boureux A, Lejeune M, Ottones F, Perez OP, Tarhio J, Pierrat F, Ruffle F, Commes T, Marti J (2007) Transcriptome annotation using tandem SAGE tags. Nucleic Acids Res 35:e108
  • Tirape A, Bacque C, Brizard R, Vandenbulcke F, Boulo V (2007) Expression of immune-related genes in the oyster Crassostrea gigas during ontogenesis. Dev Comp Immunol 31:859-73
  • Silhol M, Arancibia S, Maurice T, Tapia-Arancibia L (2007) Spatial memory training modifies the expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor tyrosine kinase receptors in young and aged rats. Neuroscience 146:962-73
  • Fernandez L, Torregrosa L, Terrier N, Sreekantan L, Grimplet J, Davies C, Thomas MR, Romieu C, Ageorges A (2007) Identification of genes associated with flesh morphogenesis during grapevine fruit development. Plant Mol Biol 63:307-23.
  • Condomines M, Hose D, Raynaud P, Hundemer M, De Vos J, Baudard M, Moehler T, Pantesco V, Moos M, Schved JF, Rossi JF, Rème T, Goldschmidt H, Klein B (2007) Cancer/testis genes in multiple myeloma : expression patterns and prognosis value determined by microarray analysis. J Immunol 178:3307-15.
  • Gasca S, Pellestor F, Assou S, Loup V, Anahory T, Dechaud H, De Vos J, Hamamah S (2007) Identifying new human oocyte marker genes : a microarray approach. Reprod Biomed Online 14:175-83.

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